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Only physically and mentally healthy women who have at least one child of their own can participate in this program.

The Militta Reproductive Medicine Agency team carefully selects all candidates for the program. Women are interviewed, and after that have a full examination.

All women are not older than 35 years and are absolutely healthy.

Surrogate mothers of our agency, under the supervision of doctors from the first day of the program, regularly undergo all examinations and are provided with all the necessary medicines for the entire period of pregnancy.

After the onset of pregnancy, the surrogate mother is regularly subjected to the ultrasound procedure, and at 12 weeks of gestation, they are registered in the maternity hospital, where the first screening is done.

When the baby is already growing up and facial contours are visible, the surrogate mother is made 4D ultrasound and parents receive a video with a picture of their child.

Our team understands how much parents expect this pregnancy, and we try to make the dream a reality as quickly as possible. After receiving the embryos, we immediately begin to prepare the surrogate mother for the transfer, so that in the very near future you can hear the heartbeat of your baby.

Why choose MILITTA?
Own clinic of reproductive - LITA Reproductive clinic
An individual approach to each patient
Reliable legal support and security of clients within the framework of the law of the country
Long-term experience in successful reproductive medicine programs
Cooperation only with the best clinics in the country
A large database of relevant surrogate mothers, Ukrainian and Asian donors of various phenotype
Programs without waiting
Support 24/7 with a full range of services
Provision of accommodation and meals
A wide base of experienced babysitters
Own motorcade
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Surrogacy in the USA: interesting facts

The number of couples who cannot conceive and give birth to a child on their own is growing every year. For some of them, surrogacy is the only chance to become parents. This service allows you to solve the problem of infertility successfully and fulfill the dream of having your own child.

Many childless spouses who have used the surrogacy service experience difficulties when choosing a medical center to which they want to entrust the most important event in their life - the birth of their unborn child. Some couples go to American medical institutions, because childbirth in America takes place at a high level of medical care. There are clinics that are equipped with the best modern technologies and equipment.
Surrogacy agencies in the USA: where to look?

The United States of America is one of the most comfortable countries for surrogate motherhood (replacement bearing). In the United States, such assisted reproductive technology is very popular and is legally permitted.

Here are some of the features of surrogacy in the United States that are interesting to know:

  • · Some states have different legal aspects regarding surrogate motherhood . Each state is subject to its own laws. So, in some of them, the birth by a surrogate mother is prohibited if the service agreement was concluded outside the United States.
  • · The most favorable states for surrogacy in the United States are the following: California, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington (here you can safely look for surrogacy agencies). And the worst: Louisiana, New York and Michigan.
  • · In the United States, there are some of the best surrogacy agencies that you can safely trust and not worry about the quality of medical services.

In some states of America, a legislative framework has been developed that protects the rights and obligations of surrogate mothers and biological parents.

Surrogacy process in the USA: what are the features

You need to start organizing the surrogacy process with a surrogacy agency. It is there that experts will propose candidates for healthy and responsible surrogate mothers : it can be a native of the United States or a citizen of your country. If the surrogate mother does not have US citizenship, then permission will be required to move her abroad.

The surrogate motherhood process in the United States is very responsible and requires an extremely professional approach. Therefore, one cannot do without the help of specialists in this matter. The process of surrogacy in the United States from start to finish takes place under the strict control of the agency.

The best American agencies offer surrogacy services in the USA under the guidance of real professionals. In addition to the most comfortable conditions for surrogate mothers, first-class service, the organization of childbirth in the United States has another feature - the baby born there automatically receives an American birth certificate and becomes a US citizen.

It is important to understand that the surrogate mother has no rights to the child, whom she carried for all 9 months and gave birth to. All rights to the newborn have only his biological parents, they will be recorded in the baby's birth certificate.

Currently, there is an increased attention to Ukrainian surrogate mothers. This is due to the fact that their services are several times cheaper than in America, and the quality of medical institutions in many cases may be practically the same.

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