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About the agency

Militta IVF Agency organizes and provides a full cycle of ART programs, including self-eggs IVF,the selection of donors of various phenotypes, surrogate mothers, and also protects the rights and interests of all its participants.

Militta IVF Agency has a huge number of successfully completed surrogacy and egg donation cases, as well as many years of experience in coordinating each stage of the process. Militta IVF Agency has won trust and recognition among agencies and specialists that deal with infertility problems.

The main principles of the activity: transparency, honesty, professional approach to work, care and support 24/7. Clinics with European quality of service, the latest equipment and experienced doctors - all this allows us to provide our clients with a satisfied result.

For parents-to-be

Applying to us, you will find assistants, professionals, reliable support on the way to fulfilling your most cherished dream - to become parents. All parents-to-be will receive attention and support throughout the program. They will have the opportunity to constantly monitor the progress of their case and receive the necessary information in a timely manner. "Militta" IVF agency guarantees qualified assistance and confidentiality of data to all its clients. We will do our best to ensure that on this path to the birth of a healthy baby you do not have difficulties and problems, and the main thing is that this path is successful and all your expectations become a reality.

Our team

Our main advantage is to direct all efforts towards one goal and go towards it with you! Personal dedication to the common cause is the key to the success of the Militta. Our team will take care of your comfort: including the organization of high-quality medical care and the stay of foreign clients in Ukraine, escort by translators with a deep knowledge of foreign languages in a narrowly focused topic.

"Militta" IVF agency is a reliable assistant on the path to the happiness of becoming parents

For a surrogate mother and a married couple, the issue of openness, transparency, guarantees and safety is of great importance, therefore we take full responsibility for the selection of a surrogate mother, legal support for the surrogate pregnancy program. We have our own database of surrogate mothers and egg donors, which allows us to choose the perfect option for a particular case. We will be able to convince and prove that there are no barriers to motherhood!


IVF in Ukraine - the happiness of motherhood

Do you dream of becoming a parent, but, alas, all attempts have not brought the desired result for many years? There is always a way out and even from this seemingly difficult situation!

Earlier, being diagnosed with infertility meant that a couple would never be able to have children, but with the advent of IVF, that has changed. IVF (in vitro fertilization) procedure in Ukraine will help you become parents!

Some couples decide to seek help from surrogate mothers. What does a surrogate mother mean? This is a woman who bears genetically your child, receiving monetary compensation for this. A surrogate mother must get pregnant using in vitro fertilization. According to the contract, she is obliged to bear and give birth to a baby, and then immediately transfer it to biological parents. That is, the surrogate mother has no genetic connection with the child she is carrying. She is only responsible for his intrauterine development.

Even if the woman in married couple does not have her own genetic material, the law states that in this case donor's eggs are used during in vitro fertilization, i.e. third party.

Surrogacy agency - absolute reliability and safety

Thanks to surrogacy, thousands of married couples have found the opportunity to have children. Increasingly, infertile couples addresses to surrogate mothers and egg donors, and do not see anything wrong with this. For some spouses, this is the last chance to create a full-fledged family if no other ART methods are possible. According to statistics, the number of babies born through surrogate programs is growing rapidly every year and has long exceeded hundreds of thousands.

In Ukraine, surrogacy and egg donation are allowed at the legislative level and regulated by the relevant regulatory legal acts.

The selection of a woman for the role of a surrogate mother is a responsible and serious task, which only professionals from specialized organizations can cope with. "Militta" IVF Agency was created for women who want to help infertile couples and want to act as a surrogate mother. However, in order to take part in the surrogacy program, one desire is not enough. Applicant must undergo a thorough medical examination.

IVF treatment in Ukraine - you will become a parent!

Unfortunately, in our time, infertility has become a very urgent problem, and the "Militta" IVF Agency will help to solve it. You can always get detailed advice from our specialists regarding surrogacy programs, legal and medical aspects, as well as many other issues that concern you.

Surrogacy is a type of in vitro fertilization. This reproductive technology is especially relevant for the following medical indications:

  • congenital / acquired defects of the reproductive organs in a woman;
  • the presence of pathologies that interfere with getting pregnant and carrying a baby;
  • unsuccessful IVF attempts and / or unsuccessful pregnancies in anamnesis.

"Militta" is the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine

To make it easier to find a healthy surrogate mother and get legal guarantees, many infertile couples turn to surrogacy agencies. The Militta IVF Agency helps people diagnosed with infertility become parents through surrogacy and egg donation. We will help every couple to become parents of a healthy child. Contacting us, you can be sure that they will really help you and provide you with a full range of services: from the search and selection of a surrogate mother to reliable legal support.

Here are some reasons why you should contact us:

  • An extensive database of surrogate mothers and current egg donors.
  • Extensive experience in the field of reproductive medicine.
  • Own clinic with the latest and modern equipment.
  • Highly qualified doctors, reproductologists and gynecologists.
  • Psychological support at all stages of the programs.
  • Long-term experience of successful programs in the field of reproductive medicine.
  • Support 24/7 with a full cycle of services.
  • Confidentiality of data for surrogate mothers, egg donors and biological parents.
  • Complete protection of clients within the framework of state law.
  • Programs without waiting.
  • Legal support when registering a child.

We employ first-class specialists in the field of assisted reproductive technologies support. They guarantee a careful selection of a healthy surrogate mother. Our agency has developed and uses a reliable system for protecting personal information for each patient. We guarantee a full range of services to all those who cannot conceive a child naturally. All our clients are surrounded by attention and support throughout the program.

Do you want to take part in the surrogacy program in Ukraine? With us it is a reality!

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