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Lita Reproductive Clinic - is it Militta's own clinic? + -


What clinics does the agency work with? + -

One of the Agency’s main partners is the LITA Clinic (own clinic). Also, at the special request of customers, we can provide services in the clinics MOTHER AND CHILD, ADONIS, MINI-ECO.

What ART programs does the agency provide? + -

The agency provides both guaranteed programs and non-guaranteed (detailed information can be obtained in an individual consultation):

- Program for stimulating and freezing your own oocytes
- Own oocytes + own pregnancy
- Donor oocytes + own pregnancy
- Own oocytes + surrogacy
- Donor oocytes + surrogacy
- Own oocytes + donor oocytes + surrogacy
- Transportation of embryos from another clinic to one of the Agency's partner clinics + surrogacy.

How fast can I start an ART program? + -

In case of compliance with the requirements of the programs on the basis of preliminary examinations of the couple, the availability of all the necessary conclusions from the doctor, clients can immediately start the ART program.

What are the costs of the contract? + -

The contract includes examinations of the couple in the Ukrainian clinic, examinations of the donor / surrogate mother, management of the surrogate mother’s pregnancy, accommodation, meals, transfer during stay in Ukraine, translation services, legal support under the contract, DNA paternity test after the birth of the child, assistance in registration necessary documents for the child, etc. (more detailed information can be obtained in an individual consultation on a specific ART program).

Does the agency provide qualified translators from / to English and Chinese? + -

The Agency’s foreign clients are constantly accompanied by highly qualified translators: during the signing of the contract, examinations in the clinic, online support, a sightseeing tour of the city of Kiev.


What are the requirements for joining a surrogacy program? + -

A couple, a man and a woman, must be officially married.

The couple must provide the results of mandatory health examinations in accordance with Order 787 (we can provide a detailed list of examinations individually, in accordance with the wishes of the program on our oocytes or on donor ones).

Are surrogacy programs regulated at the legislative level in Ukraine? + -

The usage of assisted reproductive technologies under the surrogacy program is regulated by order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 787 dated 09/09/2013 “On approval of the procedure for the use of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine”.

How fast can I get a surrogate mother? + -

After confirming the presence of healthy embryos ready for transfer, a surrogate mother is provided to the client for approximately 2 months.

Can a surrogate mother change her mind and not give the baby? + -

The Family Code of Ukraine clearly describes the relationship between surrogacy and the genetic parents of the child. According to Art. 123, part 2, the parental rights to the newborn belong exclusively to spouses who are biological parents and at the same time used the program.

Is it possible to conduct a video call with a surrogate mother? + -

Possible. During pregnancy at the request of clients, the date and time of the video call at the Agency’s office with the participation of translators is assigned at advance.

Is it possible to be present at the birth of your child? What does that require? + -

At the request of clients, one of the parents can be present at the birth of his child. To do this, you need to consult a physician, as well as provide fluorography.

Does the agency assist in the paperwork of the child after birth? + -

The agency conducts a DNA paternity test, assists in the preparation of a birth certificate, and also prepares a package of documents for transmission to the Consulate of the country through which parents plan to receive a travel document for the child to return home.

What examinations of a surrogate mother during pregnancy can parents receive? + -

During pregnancy Militta provides the original + translation into English / Chinese of the planned ultrasound of the surrogate mother, the originals of screening tests, a photo / video report on the visits of the surrogate mother to the clinic / maternity hospital / leisure activities at home, etc.


Donors of what race are in the agency database? + -

We provide Ukrainian and Asian donors.

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