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Full names, dates of birth and physical addresses of residence were changed to keep the information confidential.

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Surrogate mother, Ukraine, Sokolovskaya Ekaterina

(about cooperation with the curator)Clever girl. Well done. Leads everything under control. He explains everything on time and intelligibly. Thank you so much!

China, Weilai

HE, my goodness, this is the best news I have ever heard in my life (I am 42 years old this year)! I was so excited that tears of happiness filled my eyes! It is about 4 in the morning (Chinese time), I just woke up from my sleep, hahahaha, I am so excited, so I don't know what to say. First, from my heart, I am extremely grateful to all the staff of Militta and all the medical staff responsible for delivering the baby! You have worked hard! At the same time, here, I also sincerely express my respect for this great country and nation of Ukraine! Second, please help us greet the surrogate Logovyk Valeriia, my surrogate mother, for good health! Because it is their great humanitarian spirit that brings more hope to my wife and me, as well as to many couples like us in the world! That's one of the reasons my wife and I named our children "Weilai.". Third, when my wife and I arrived in Ukraine, did the loving mother return to her own home, so we couldn't see her in person? Because we don't have the contact information of loving mother, we just know her name from the information you sent us and the inspection report of the hospital. If we can be allowed to get the contact information of loving mother, we would like to express our gratitude to the loving mother directly through the contact information provided by you.

Oocyte donor, Ukraine, Maksimova Elena

Good attitude, happy with everything and very pleased with the fact that there is a contract, after the puncture I came to myself within 2 weeks. I have no complaints, on the contrary, I want to go back to the program in May. Thank you for giving the opportunity to earn)

Bulgaria, Dimitar

-Dear client, I wish you a safe journey! Thank you for choosing Militta! Hope we can tell good news soon! - -Well, thank you for your help. Beautiful and warm. I like Kiev. - Thank you

Surrogate mother, Ukraine, Solomova Svetlana

I love the employees with the agency and all of the professionals I come in contact through the agency. The ease of the process with this agency and the lengths they go to to help surrogates!

USA, Felicia and Gregor

After interviewing several agencies we were happy that we chose Militta! They are a group of very supportive, trustworthy and experienced people! It was so scary jumping in not having done this before but they guided us thru each step! We liked that they not only supported us but our surrogate as well thru the entire journey! We would choose them again, and just may if we decide to do another journey! So thankful for their services.

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