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Militta provides a wide range of ART programs.

We have a large base of future surrogate mothers, Ukrainian and Asian donors of various phenotypes. We provide detailed advice to couples wishing to have a baby under the surrogacy program.

The cost of all programs includes:

  • expenses for the search and medical examination of a surrogate mother / donor;
  • examination of a couple in the clinic;
  • cooperation with the best hospitals in the country;
  • accommodation in comfortable villas / apartments with meals (including maid, cook) *;
  • transfer for customers upon arrival in Kiev;
  • translation, lawyer, notary services;
  • DNA paternity test;
  • registration of a birth certificate and its legalization, as well as assistance in submitting couple’s documents to the consulate of the country of citizenship of clients.

* a program option without meals and maid services is possible 

Guaranteed programs with donor oocytes + surrogacy:

- guaranteed program with a preferred gender choice (unlimited: stimulation of donor oocytes, PGD on 5 chromosomes, embryo transfers);
- guaranteed program with a preferred gender choice: 1 attempt on own oocytes + donor oocytes (unlimited: stimulation of donor oocytes, PGD on 5 chromosomes, embryo transfers);
- guaranteed program with 100% gender choice (unlimited: stimulation of donor oocytes, PGD on 5 chromosomes, embryo transfers).

Guaranteed program on own oocytes + surrogacy for 3 years.

For three years, if the health indications meet the requirements of this program, a woman can be repeatedly stimulated in order to obtain oocytes for fertilization and embryo cultivation. According to the doctor's recommendations, it is advisable to re-stimulate in 2-3 months after the previous one.

Non-guaranteed programs:

- donor oocytes + surrogacy (1 stimulation and 1 transfer included);
- donor oocytes + own pregnancy (1 stimulation and 1 transfer included);
- own oocytes + surrogacy (1 stimulation and 1 embryo transfer included);
- own oocytes + surrogacy (1 stimulation and unlimited number of embryo transfers included);
- transportation of embryos from another clinic + surrogacy in our clinic or in partner clinics (1 transfer included);
- a program for the transportation of patient biomaterial (cryoocytes and cryosperm) from another clinic + surrogacy;
- own oocytes + PGD + own pregnancy;
- donor embryos + PGD + own pregnancy.

Freezing own oocytes program.

Cryopreservation of their own eggs allows young women to use them in ART programs in the future, in other words, to start the process of “deferred motherhood”. Moreover, if a woman is to undergo treatment that adversely affects reproductive function, cryopreservation of oocytes is one of the methods to guarantee the opportunity to become a parent.

Premature birth insurance program.

Parents also have an opportunity to purchase a package of insurance for treatment, medical expenses and surgical interventions in perinatal centers, which may arise in case of a premature birth of a child.

Cord blood conservation program.

Militta, in partnership with the best clinics in the country, will help to organize the process of collecting analysis and cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood, which is an invaluable storehouse of medicines both for the health of your own baby and, possibly, for helping and saving the lives of those in need.

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Guaranteed surrogacy programs

For some spouses, the birth of a baby is an unfulfilled dream and all attempts to conceive a child over the years do not give a positive result. It so happens that a woman cannot bear and give birth to a baby on her own because of gynecological problems. But whatever the reason, a married couple does not need to be upset and lose hope. Surrogacy will be the way out of this difficult problem. This effective assisted reproductive technology is very popular in our country and has already helped thousands of couples become parents.

Militta IVF Agency offers the best guaranteed surrogacy programs. Here, a married couple who decided to give birth to a baby under the surrogacy program can always receive professional support and detailed advice.

Here are some of the main advantages of surrogacy programs at Militta IVF Agency :

  • Professional integrated approach - we select a donor, carry out thorough medical diagnostics and examinations.
  • Successful work experience in matters of surrogate motherhood - using the latest medical reproductive technologies, we know all the legal aspects regarding surrogacy;
  • Prenatal care surrogate mothers - includes screening surrogate mother , carrying out IVF, prenatal care, etc.

Our agency provides a full range of services in guaranteed surrogacy programs. Health each surrogate mother is under the supervision of physicians during all phases of the program surrogate motherhood .

Fast surrogacy program

You can take part in the fast surrogacy program. We have an extensive database of healthy and responsible surrogate mothers and no waiting list to join the program. Each applicant for the role of a surrogate mother is carefully selected according to certain criteria. She undergoes a mandatory examination, passes all the necessary tests.

Every woman diagnosed with infertility can take advantage of the fast surrogacy program, regardless of age. The quick surrogacy program will help a couple who dreams of a baby overcome all obstacles on the way to their cherished goal.

Militta IVF Agency has everything to help every infertile couple to feel the happiness of motherhood. With us, the dream of a long-awaited child is real!

About same-sex programs

In Ukraine, same-sex surrogacy programs are prohibited. In our country, same-sex couples cannot take part in assisted reproductive technologies.

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