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There are several solutions, depending on the indications. The main thing is not to give up – there is always a way out.

We always act in the interests of our patients, and thanks to this, we have assembled a team of professionals who will take care of you. Our experience and professionalism, together with your trust, allowed us to reach a high level and achieve a clear algorithm for successful work. At the moment, we work only with the best partner clinics, where highly qualified doctors, tirelessly, do their work daily. These are highly qualified specialists, doctors and candidates of medical sciences, who can be trusted with the lives of the future generation.

Today, one of the ways to solve this problem is to use donor eggs.

If for some reason a woman cannot use her egg, our team will select a donor based on the requirements. The agency has an extensive database of Ukrainian and Asian donors, and our team works every day to attract new candidates.

Each donor undergoes a full examination for physical and mental illness. The whole process, from the choice of a donor to the receipt of embryos, takes from one to two months. And this is fast enough, since all the women are already examined and ready for the program.

Our team does everything possible to make the whole process as comfortable as possible for you.

Why choose MILITTA?
Own clinic of reproductive - LITA Reproductive clinic
An individual approach to each patient
Reliable legal support and security of clients within the framework of the law of the country
Long-term experience in successful reproductive medicine programs
Cooperation only with the best clinics in the country
A large database of relevant surrogate mothers, Ukrainian and Asian donors of various phenotype
Programs without waiting
Support 24/7 with a full range of services
Provision of accommodation and meals
A wide base of experienced babysitters
Own motorcade
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Best Egg Donation Agency in Ukraine

If a woman does not have her own sex cells, this is not at all a reason to despair and lose hope of becoming parents. Militta IVF Agency offers effective programs for the treatment of infertility using egg donation (oocyte donation). The oocyte donation procedure takes place in stages and under the clear guidance of competent and experienced professionals. In Ukraine, it has allowed many infertile women to give birth to their own children and feel the happiness of motherhood.

Egg donor: why you need her?

In Ukraine, as well as in many other countries, egg donation is a demanded service that increases the chance of having a child. Donation of female germ cells is an extremely demanding procedure that requires careful preparation. To begin with, the donor woman must undergo a complete medical examination and pass all the necessary tests. The donor voluntarily donates his eggs for use in infertility treatment.

Egg donation is advisable in such cases:

  • depletion or absence of ovaries;
  • high risk of transmission of hereditary diseases;
  • diminished ovarian reserve.

It is no secret that the quality of oocytes largely influences the effectiveness of IVF infertility treatment. It is important to know that about 400,000 oocytes mature in the ovaries of a healthy woman and about 400 only reach maturity. Thus, the donor donates his eggs, which he still could not use.

Egg donation in Ukraine: what are the features?

Not every woman can become an oocyte donor. There are important requirements for the donor, namely:

  • age from 18 to 29 years old;
  • having at least one healthy child;
  • absence of any diseases, especially genetic;
  • lack of bad habits.

In addition to the above, a donor woman should not have contraindications to participate in the oocyte donation program. By the way, not only spouses, but also women without a partner can use the donor egg.

If you are looking for the best egg donation agency in Ukraine, then feel free to contact the Militta IVF Agency, because here:

  • huge base of Ukrainian and Asian donors;
  • effective infertility treatment programs;
  • first-class specialists;
  • an individual approach to each patient.

The egg donation procedure will be safe, successful and as comfortable as possible. This program is completely anonymous.

Militta IVF Agency offers full medical and legal support. You can count on a competent professional approach, attention to detail and effective IVF 

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